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Speedtel Sms - Excel Plugin

Speedtel Sms - Excel Plugin makes the task of sending Bulk SMS very easy for our users. SMS-Excel Plugin seamlessly integrates with Microsoft Excel® and enables you to send SMS to mobile phones across the India from your PC using Microsoft Excel®.

This Plugin offers unmatched convenience by allowing its users to send personal customized messages to the recipients. For example if a Bank wants to remind its customers about payment of interest on a loan, it can send peronalized bulk SMS by mentioning the name of each recipient with his/her amount due and payment due date. For example the message will be like - "Dear Michael, you have to pay an interest of Rs 1066 and the due date is 10th August, 2010."

This tool is of use to any organization - let it be a school, a financial institution, a stock broker - to send personal customized messages to their large bulk of customers. Moreover, you can easily carry your customers' data in MS-Excel and send SMS to the customers from anywhere. Just you need a computer connected to Internet and SMS-Excel plugin integrated into MS-Excel.


Download Excel Software in Zip Files :  Download Excel Software

Download Excel Software in RAR Files : Download Excel Software

Instructions to Install This Download:

Download the file by clicking the file Download Excel Software (given above) and save the file to your hard disk.

Double-click the www.login.speedtel.in.exe program file on your hard disk to start the Setup program.

Follow the instructions on the screen to complete the installation.

The toolbar and menubar looks as shown below

Instructions to Use:

After you install this download, launch Microsoft® Excel®. A new toolbar with buttons will be displayed.

1. On the toolbar, if you are behind a proxy server, you can set your options by clicking the "Proxy settings" button.

2. To send a message, select the New "Send SMS" button. A dialog box will display the following fields:

UserName & password: Enter your Speedtel username and password. Not yet registered Click here to register.

SMS text: Enter your SMS message text in the text box. Your SMS can be customised by selecting the columns that contain the text that will be added to the message. So, the messages sent to recipients will have different content that is in their respective rows. Each message should not exceed 160 character limit. If any message has more than 160 characters, a message box shows those rows and asks you to reduce the number of characters.

Row selection: You have to select the rows of recipients to whom the SMS should be sent. The start row and the end rows or a range of rows (separate with commas if more than one range) can be selected based on your requirement.

Mobile phone number: Enter the column name where all the mobile numbers are listed.

3. To send the message, press the Send button.

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