Bulk Sms Service

Bulk Sms Service

Speedtel is an industry leader in Bulk Text SMS, Flash SMS, Unicode SMS Services and provides customers with a secure, simple, high capacity bulk sms messaging platform.

We offer complete end-to-end Bulk SMS solutions for your business. Develop your own SMS Notification or Online Alerting Systems that automates SMS sending and improves service value to customers. Send Bulk SMS for promoting your Product and communicate with your customers, employees and prospective clients. use this BulkSMS service to grow your business...

Our Application Programming Interface (API) is the easy and flexible option to integrate the Bulk SMS Features with your website / applications. This easy to use web-based product offers bulk SMS delivery, address book merge functionality, history reporting, bulk imports of contacts,bulk and single message scheduling and many advanced sending features.

Our bulk SMS services ensures you reach your target market by contacting them directly on their mobile phone. A large number of our population all over the India carry a mobile phone and SMS Messaging can get the message through quickly and efficiently.

Bulk SMS Applications

Bulk SMS is used for targeting massive recipients to generate achieve instant goals for the company. Sending mass sms at instant speed within short time helps you to reach a large number of audiences and make new customers as well. Bulk SMS is used by media companies, banks, enterprises and governments for sending mass notifications, alerts and is used for promoting services and products being offered by you. It is used for campaigning, surveying and for polling depending on the nature of sms services you like to have for your business for promoting or gathering the data from the mobile users. Bulk SMS is widely used instock markets, commodity market, logistics, automobile industries, tours and travel, news channel, entertaintment industry, sports, political campaigns, insurance company's, new product launches, event promotions, market research and many more.

Bulk Sms Features

  • Unicode SMS (SMS in your own Language, 10 Languages including Hindi, Gujarati, Punjabi
  • Unlimited Validity.
  • Secure access with username and password.
  • Free Excel Plugin Software .
  • Transfer Contacts from Excel Sheet, Text files or .CSV file
  • Pay Only for Delivered SMS.
  • Delivery Report(DLR) of each SMS sent.
  • Integrate SMS System in your Website with APIs.
  • SMS Scheduling (Sending SMS at a pre-defined time & date) .
  • No Hidden Cost.
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